Innovation Contest CannaBusiness® 2003

Winner 2003:

The top innovation of the CannaBusiness® 2003 is "The Original Magnetic Ball Grinder" von Herby`s Twist (Canada). The product managed to convince the judges the most, it left other strong competitors like "aquaGrow" (Markus Schneider) and "Tri-System" (General Hydroponics) behind. Herby`s Twist will now receive competent support from the Republic of Bongland in marketing its new product.




1. The Original Magnetic Ball Grinders – Herby`s Twist
2. aquaGrow (AquaGrow)
3. Tri-System (General Hydroponics)





Concept and Review 2002

The innovation contest was introduced last year with great response at the CannaBusiness®. The intention was to further promote and reward the already big invention power of the hemp branch. The Australian company Hydrocorp Ltd. was the first year`s winner with its revolutionary ecofriendly fertilizer packaging system.

Hydrocorp owner Mike Russel (left) was a happy man back in 2002.

Aim of the competition

Brandnew innovations ought to be launched on the market without tiring delays!
Developers and inventors acting in this line of business will be given the chance to market their products in the best and also in the fastest possible way. The whole industrial hemp szene can and will improve its image by making the correct information about hemp accessible to the public – that kind of information, that puts the plant in its true light, as a raw material with extensive possibilities in practical operation. Also persons who have nothing to do with the plant as a stimulant should get the chance to do reports about the fair and the contest.

In the long term, competitors on the hemp market can only succeed by constant innovation and self-improvement, like in any other line of business. This consideration can be seen as the background and the incentive for inviting entries for this contest. It is a matter of course that the development of new concepts need professional assistance to succeed on the market – that’s why we offer our full support.

Who is eligible?

Companies as well as private inventors & innovators of new products or services for the hemp market are invited to enter the competition.

  • prototypes
  • serial models
  • descriptions
  • patent applications
  • patent specifications
  • business plans
  • detailed product ideas

It is not so decisive, which level of development the idea has already reached before the contest, but the concept needs to be absolutely new, that means – not yet available on the market!

Order of events

The participation period ends simultaneously with the first day of the Cannabusiness 2002 fair (Friday, September 12th ). Next to this the entries will be checked and rated immediatly by the panel of jugdes, consisting of experienced businessmen in the hempbiz as well as marketing experts. Marketing issues and technical completion are of similar importance in our points system. The second day of the fair (Saturday, September 13th) is also the day of the champion – and there will be just one idea left. “The winner takes it all!” – this is the motto, but each single entry is carefully checked and rated and so every participator of the contest gets a professional analysis of his idea for free.

The Trophy

The RoB Hemp Innovation Trophy consists of two parts: On the one hand the winner will take the famous glass goblet with him, on the other hand (and this represents the original spirit of the competition) he gets full support in finishing and marketing the innovation. We create a a business plan including a marketing konzept and we will find appropriate distribution lines for the winning concept .

The Jury

The Jury consists of well-known experts from the hemp branch, as well as marketing and media experts.

Last year`s competition

Awards ceremony 2002 on stage in the Europahalle.

Last year we successfully conducted the innovation contest for the first time. The quality of the entered products, ideas and concepts hit us by surprise. Meanwhile some of the price winners could successfully place their products on the market (e.g. Hydrocorp, Piece Pipe). We also thank the distributors who believed in these products and contributed to realizing the market success. This however has proven to us that the hemp branch urgently needs such a competition - I already now wish the partaking developers and inventors all the best for the competition.

Adress for entering products:

Mulitzer & Wokatsch GbR
Hr. Rainer Wokatsch
Sägewerkstrasse 3
D-83395 Freilassing * Techno-Z 1. Stock
Fax: +49 (8654) 77 63 13

The product/concept can be entered till the first evening of the fair at the latest - Friday September 12th 2003!!!

ROB Corp Distrib. Rainer Wokatsch